Water in the Basement

How to improve the grading and look for the source of basement flooding

When we first looked at the home a neighbor told us that there was flooding in the basement. We waited for the next rainstorm to see what was happening. Fortunately, the water was minimal and the cause was obvious.

There were several main spots causing water to leak into the basement.
A large hole was left where a gas meter was installed. This allowed water to collect.
This gutter was clogged and forced all the water collected in that gutter to divert back into the basement.
This area was angled towards the house. I dug up the ivy and changed the slope.
Water from the driveway was forced towards the house due to the downward slope. This shows water collecting away from the house after changing the grade. Previously it would have run into the basement.

I'll do a bit more work to divert the water further away from the house and into a future rain garden in the front yard.